4 Ways to Avoid the Frost in 2020

With 2020 rang in and all of us following our new set of precedents and goals for the new decade (more on that at a later time, it’s too early in the journey), some of us might find ourselves in need of something a little extra. Whether it is exercise, getting up earlier, or any resolution that involves leaving the house, one thing is always a deterrent and can halt any ambition or progress no matter how strong the will. It is kind of ironic that the first two months of our “new lives” are typically lived out in the coldest environment we experience every year. Whether you are in California or New Jersey, or just about anywhere, cold weather is imminent during the months of January and February. Immediate discomfort can come from being cold, and usually the warmest place is staying in bed or in your heated house. But here, I’m going to recommend 4 ways to stay warm and battle the New Year chill that accompanies the change in the calendar date. 

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Warm beverages 

On top of already being a satisfying way to wake up, a warm beverage can help ignite your body heat and break any chill you might have. Starting the day with a hot cup of coffee adds energy and warmth all at once at the start of the day. Typically this is extra essential if you wake up when the sun is just starting to rise, so by the time you finish the cup it is high in the sky and the land is slowly starting to heat up. Not just for the morning hours, a warm and welcoming cup of anything warm midday can also break a freeze and warm the inside in preparations for a commute home, a run outside, or just heating you up in the office. Coffee, tea, hot water with lemon, anything that has steam coming off of it is worth a go when the weather starts creeping down on the thermometer. 

Cozy Clothes 

Being comfortable in the chill is one of the number one ways to not be crippled by the cold. Whether you are up early in the AM or out late at night. Maybe you live in a climate that is stupid cold even when the sun is out at 1PM. No matter where or what the occasion, having a solid set of stylish cold weather gear can be essential to retaining heat all hours of the day. The two integral pieces are the jacket and the footwear. A heavy-duty jacket can help keep you warm in all types of weather, and adding some waterproofing properties might help if you find yourself caught in a snow or sleet storm. Either get a super heavy one or layer up to keep it toasty. On this same idea, having some extra warm hooves on your feet can also help stop the shiver. When your feet are cold, it typically tends to travel upward quite quickly. A good boot or something with fur on the inside will make it feel like you are walking on heated floor tiles. Warm toes and warm clothes brings the heat.  


While it sometimes is incredibly hard to exit the house or office and get a sweat going, it often can really heat up your internal temperature and make even the coldest soul turn warm. Running in the bitter cold can be tough, but it really only takes 5-10 minutes to warm up and start breaking a sweat. Whether you are running in a sweatsuit or shorts and a long sleeve tee, at one point you will begin to sweat. The more you bundle up, the less effort you have to put into breaking a sweat. A quick bike ride bundled up can also raise the temperature to sweat-worthy levels, and lets you take in your beautiful town or city while also escaping the cold. Sometimes just getting outside can lift the spirit, and the more you do it the more you realize how integral it is to living a happy life. The only thing that might be worse than being frozen is being cooped up inside for multiple days. Cabin fever is a real thing. 

Winter sheets 

Although it may seem a little counterintuitive since in the opening paragraph I was telling you ways to stay warm upon exiting your bed, staying warm while sleeping and recovering is also a key factor to a healthy lifestyle and also not waking up in the middle of the night quaking from the cold. We sleep for at least a quarter of our day, and helps our body reset and take on the impending cold the next day. In most climates, surely your summer sheets will not fight the cold enough. Rather than using every sheet you own on top of each other, having a second set of heavy hitters for when the nighttime chill creeps in definitely can lead to better sleep. This in turn also leads to not waking up cranky from the cold. The only downside is you might be so warm and cozy getting up might take a little bit more effort. But all in all, the better nights of sleep you get lead to better results in recovery, energy, and overall peace of mind.  

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