IMG_1299Born back east but resides in the west. I find myself on my sixth year living in California, a dream I’ve had for quite some time during my time growing up in Lavallette, New Jersey. My small beach town upbringing has had a large impact on the person I’ve became. As for my California dream, years one through four I found myself enjoying all the fruits of higher education at Chapman University, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship  and a minor in Writing & Rhetoric. Since growing up around the surf industry and working in surf shops for over a decade, surf has been second nature to me for quite some time. It was only right I find employment in a industry I fully understood and have seen grow and change just as I did. Along the way I’ve really came into writing as a hobby and occupation, and you can find all my different writing aliases along this site if you dig hard enough. Happy hunting.