Essential for Development

It is often inevitable. If we thought of a world or a life without change, we would envision something incredibly dismal. Stuck in a rut of familiarity and also stagnant in growth. From physical, to mental, to perspective. Change in all of the above is necessary for survival. It is survival of the fittest, and we would all go down to natural selection if we do not adapt and change. Some loath it while others love it. Some remain impartial to change, and just ride the waves of ups and downs that come along with life. No matter who you are, what status you have, rich or poor, healthy or sick, change will be coming down the pipeline at some point. Sometimes you are blindsided, sometimes you can know about it  for months in advance. 

On one hand, change can implement a fear. You will very quickly be thrown out of your routine and into a new one. Familiar faces will be replaced with first encounters, and things you can count on will no longer be reliable. A learning curve will be implemented with change. Sometimes steep, other times meager. The best way to meet the challenge head on is changing yourself. While change often occurs outside of you, adapting on the inside is how you will conquer it. Whether it is changing your perspective and looking at the glass half full, or looking for the positives underneath all of the negatives, a perspective change helps conquer the biggest changes. 

On the opposite hand, some meet change head on and love the challenge. Change breeds unfamiliarity and discomfort, which can lead to a person’s biggest growth and understanding of themselves. Instead of looking at a loss of your old routine, embrace a new and different routine. Maybe the best routine is a mix of the old and the new. Instead of looking at the loss of familiar faces, relish in the new relationships you will build and never forget about the old ones. If you think about it, you will just double your relationships and connections. Look at the learning curve as a helpful challenge. While you may be tackling unfamiliar tasks or daily activities, look to them for the lessons and knowledge packed inside of them rather than something you just have to do or deal with. 

The craziest thing about change is in which the speed it can take place. Things can change in the blink of an eye. In this world we live in, you never really know what can be around the corner. Good or bad. For better or worse. Large or small. Change will happen. Like stated earlier, sometimes you can see it coming while other times you are blindsided. In anticipation of the random and erratic occurrence in which change takes place, the best we can do is have an open mind. While this helps in all aspects of life, it is especially essential in the face of change and adversity. Going into every day with open arms mentally (and physically [not in a touchy way] to friends, family, and even strangers) can help enhance day to day life and help you adapt to any challenge or change thrown your way. 

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