Return to Form

TLDR(if 3 paragraphs is too long): I will be posting weekly on Sunday Nights.

I have not been writing. Not by choice, but by inevitable circumstance I (kind of) cannot control. I work 8-5 Mon-Fri, and then either surf or workout after work, eat, and then take time off and relax. Saturday comes around and I work and surf. So I decided to make Sunday my day to put pen to paper. This has been quite unsuccessful, considering I usually wake up a little hazy, take a dip in the ocean, and then hang at the beach all day. Come nighttime, I am at an all time high of friedness.

But I want to keep writing. Expanding the craft. I should be able to make time for something I like to do and cram it somewhere in between all the other things I like to do. While my life currently is very structured and time is allotted to the same things almost every day, I have much to talk about. Summer is coming around, Coachella is about a week away, and there is plenty going on in between to ensure that some words can be spat out that are at least a little bit meaningful or fun.

So this is my return to form. I will be jotting down words and phrases on Sunday and will try to keep it as consistent as possible. I woke up before the sun came up to pen this peasant piece, sipping a nice cup of joe on my left with a bowl of oats on my right. It feels good to be back. Hopefully I can keep up and stay true to my word(s). Look for a pre-coachella piece this Sunday

Disclaimer: No post 4/21- I will be in the desert dancing.

3 thoughts on “Return to Form

  1. Great to read your words! You are a busy guy and I hope a happy one too. I know you are missed at the Jersey Shore! Stay writing and more importantly stay well.


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