Random thoughts regarding desert da(y)ze.

It is that time of year again. Thousands flock to the desert in search of good music and a weekend to let loose at. The outfits alone couldn’t even describe the hectic nature of it. Coachella 2019 is halfway over, and I am stepping up to the plate next weekend. The anticipation really didn’t start hitting me until early last week, when I was jamming out at work to potential acts I will see (if everything goes according to plan, which it never does). Oh, the stoke! It really is unlike anything else I have experienced, in so many different ways. That was super cliché. But I digress. What will follow this light introduction are some thoughts I have had stirring in anticipation to the desert days and wildness that will ensue.

Sick Sets (Not waves, which look like they will be good when we are dancing in the desert. Sad face.)

The best part about Coachella is how much good music is surrounding you. Last year, some of my favorite band sets were from bands I didn’t know, and ranged along a large spectrum of genres. This year will be no different most likely, but there are definitely some acts I am stoked to cross off my concert bucket list. First and foremost, Kid Cudi, who I have been listening to since my brother was my age and living in Red Bank, NJ. (Shout Preston). Along with him, I will cross Diplo and DJ Sanke off the EDM side of things, along with a slew of other electronic artists I like. I will see my guy Wiz Khalifa for the third time, and am also jazzed about Anderson .Paak since it is following the release of his new Ventura album, which is quite good. Also, Pusha T will be performing, and most likely dishing out those classic Daytona verses.

A True Test In Opportunity Cost

Do I stick with the crew or drift off into the abyss of people to go see someone I like but others may not? This is also a question, since there are so many conflicts and often a lot of people I may like way more than others. Last year I only adventured once solo, for French Montana (while he is one of my favorite artists, the set was sub par). This year, I am going to just go with the flow, but definitely see a couple more sets solo. While it is definitely different being alone than with a mob of 30 people, it is really cool to think you have thousands of others around you all connected because of one person’s music. That was pretty deep. But it’s true!


Great Company

The sheer amount of people that go each year is pretty ridiculous, and it is a great place to reconnect with old friends and also new ones. In a way it is similar to a family reunion, with much of my alma mater (Chapman University) in attendance, it will be awesome to catch up over great tunes, even if it requires yelling the same thing 3 times. I am also staying in a house with some of my closest pals, and will be bringing disposable cameras in the festival and around the house to document all the great moments that will ensure. (Scope this IG post to see a recap of last years. The lesson learned, use the flash since half of my exposure did not turn out.)


Gues(t)sing Game

One of the marquee features of Coachella is the amount of surprise guests that come out during performances. This is often something I think about when weighing out options of who to see. Last year, pedaling back to French Montana, he brought out Ty Dolla, who I had seen before. Kind of a bummer. This year, I am keen to see who comes out with certain acts. I swear the best surprise guests come out when you aren’t at that set. Hopefully this year packs some heavy hitters for on stage guest appearances.

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