Back to sharpening the blade

Hey-it’s been a little while. Personally, it feels like it’s been a really long time. But if you scroll down to the next chronological post after this one, you’ll see it’s only been a handful of months. Nonetheless, the frequency in which my writing passages were being created started dwindling exponentially since my last post (damn that sentence sounds exquisite). Prior to writing this one on July twentieth, they had actually been non-existent. 

It’s not because I stopped writing in my career-I still definitely did that rather often. And it hasn’t stopped. I probably write close to everyday, but for a paycheck rather than personal growth or enjoyment. It was a pretty rigid routine-work Monday through Friday and then be as far away from the laptop (and especially writing) for the duration of the weekend. This sounds a little concerning, but it’s not like I gave up on knowledge gaining pursuits as a whole. They say to be a good writer you have to read, and I had been reading a shit ton. My bookshelf is within arm’s distance of my desk, so let’s see if I can get a rough estimate of books read…turns out my memory isn’t that sharp and with the amount of books on the shelf I got confused as to the time I read some. Upon referencing my amazon purchase history, it looks like the number is fifteen. So around 2 books a month. Some long, some short. But you get the picture.

So it’s a Tuesday morning (now Thursday) before I plug into work-I chose not to surf as we have been on a swell bender and the waves looked average at best (there probably were a couple fun ones). But nonetheless, here we are. Back to tapping the keys for enjoyment. And it’s not that I do not enjoy writing for work-it’s awesome. But for me, it is much harder. Right now I am literally just taking the shotgun blast of ideas in my head about this post and putting them into the google doc. Much less thought goes into these posts, and I write them in my character and tone, which isn’t too hard to create as it’s me. 

Alright time to wrap this up (as I could ramble on for paragraphs)-I’m back. Keep your eyes peeled for new word spewings from me, all in due time. 

Return to Form

TLDR(if 3 paragraphs is too long): I will be posting weekly on Sunday Nights.

I have not been writing. Not by choice, but by inevitable circumstance I (kind of) cannot control. I work 8-5 Mon-Fri, and then either surf or workout after work, eat, and then take time off and relax. Saturday comes around and I work and surf. So I decided to make Sunday my day to put pen to paper. This has been quite unsuccessful, considering I usually wake up a little hazy, take a dip in the ocean, and then hang at the beach all day. Come nighttime, I am at an all time high of friedness.

But I want to keep writing. Expanding the craft. I should be able to make time for something I like to do and cram it somewhere in between all the other things I like to do. While my life currently is very structured and time is allotted to the same things almost every day, I have much to talk about. Summer is coming around, Coachella is about a week away, and there is plenty going on in between to ensure that some words can be spat out that are at least a little bit meaningful or fun.

So this is my return to form. I will be jotting down words and phrases on Sunday and will try to keep it as consistent as possible. I woke up before the sun came up to pen this peasant piece, sipping a nice cup of joe on my left with a bowl of oats on my right. It feels good to be back. Hopefully I can keep up and stay true to my word(s). Look for a pre-coachella piece this Sunday

Disclaimer: No post 4/21- I will be in the desert dancing.