Sunday Scaries Turned Monday Motivation: The Case for “Working” 7 days a week.

For most Americans, 9-5 corporate hustles take up the 5 days of the week people refer to as the weekday. We go in and out of the office, and sometimes even get productive before and after entering the building. Whether it is a gym session, surf, good breakfast, or a walk, it feels good to do something before or after work. When Friday hits, corporate America gets hit with two days of open agenda, and with it two nights of no restrictive wake up times. Some people hustle 7 days a week, some people work two jobs. For most, the grind never stops.

When someone hears working 7 days a week, the idea is often gawked at. “Everyone needs a break.” Do they though? Think of an athlete or entrepreneur. There is limited days off. Success is definitely not bred from laziness. Most people have it or they don’t. And it doesn’t even have to be literal work. Work 5 days a week then train hard for something Saturday and Sunday. Work 6 days a week and dedicate a day to the passion or skill you wish to excel at. Work 7 days a week and build that brand or sling your sales to achieve maximum success.

The proof is in the pudding. And the pudding tastes good. No matter how tired you can end up, there is nothing sweeter than knowing a day was spent well. A good night sleep and early bedtime are signals of squeezing all the goodness out of a day. And I am not saying ditch the late nights. Let loose Friday or Saturday (or both). Meet new people. Get a little reckless. Especially while young. Obviously try not to push it, but everyone needs a little vice in his or her life. You just have to promise one thing: this won’t stop me from doing what I planned the next day.


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