*I couldn’t get the Spotify sharing, so we are Sans HITR remix and Gatti

I’ve always been a fan of Travis Scott. Early on, I was hesitant to admit it, because for some weird reason you couldn’t be an A$AP Rocky fan AND a Travis Scott fan. They had some weird beef and people claimed Travis jacked his sound and rode away with it. Nonetheless, I would be lying if I said Travis Scott was not in my top 5 artists. I feel as though he kind of filled the void of A$AP Rocky music when he was quiet from 2013 to 2018. With Days Before Rodeo in 2014, Rodeo in 2015, and Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight in 2016, there was a lot of music to unpack in those times. Both of them have a similar sound, and really tend to go outside the box as far as beat selection and melodies. Plenty of artists passed on the Goosebumps beat, but Travis took it and ran. Recently, as we are gearing up for a new Travis album following his grammy nominated Astrowolrd, Travis teased a new “pack” featuring artists he has been putting on and have signed to his label cactus Jack. It is himself, his DJ Chase B, Sheck Wes, Don Toliver. It happened to drop over the Holiday weekend, and I was listening to it in the headphones and while driving. Here goes a song-by-song breakdown of the 7-song pack.

Highest in the Room Remix (feat. Rosalia and Lil Baby)

I’m going to keep it a buck: I probably won’t be bumping this remix more than the original. I really liked the second verse from Travis on the original. And as much as I love Lil Baby, he really didn’t fit the song. Having someone a little more vibey (this is a cringe worthy adjective) like a Cudi or Quavo or even keeping it in the label with Don Toliver would be a better fit in my eyes. The Rosalia feature also does not do much for me. We all have heard this song so I won’t beat a dead horse.

Jack Boys (Intro/Instrumental)

It’s an instrumental. I don’t want to dive too deep into something so short and simple. But it does provide a ~vibe~ that is felt throughout the project. Kind of ominous and anxious. Definitely a little bit of a bummer though, since this is one of the 7 songs on the tape. It is really a 6-song pack. It does blend well into Gang Gang.

Gang Gang (The Posse Cut)

I am not the biggest fan of Sheck Wes. Something tells me I’m not the only one that feels this way, so a song in which he sings the chorus could be a little painful to get through. However, this posse-cut-esque song that features all the JACKBOYS jumping in and is really the core of this project. Just some guys vibing off each other and sound excited to be apart of the same team. Going back in forth with no warning and going off each others flows.

Had Enough (feat. Quavo and Offset)

Don Toliver is definitely my standout on the whole pack. He was first really thrown into the scene with his feature on CAN’T SAY off of Astroworld. Sounding reminiscent of a new age T-Pain, he can sing with the best of them and also bar out. We hear him deliver the chorus on this song, and then spit some lines to flex the versatility. The beat is a nice touch, just as bit casual as catchy. Quavo and Offset come in and offer their star-studded features to give the song a nice twist. Both are similar to the flow of Don, and all 3 compliment each other, auto-tune and all.

Out West (feat. Young Thug)

This is for sure the standout track on the tape. And if it wasn’t we would for sure have a problem on hands. Travis and Thug together don’t really miss. Think of Pick Up the Phone or even more recently the HOT Remix just for evidence. The beat has a heavy bass and features Thugger on the hook. Add in a verse from Travis and Thug and it’s a hit. No more than 3 minutes long, it is the high point of the tape but goes by quite quickly.

What To Do (feat. Don Toliver)

Don comes in again on this song, with Travis as company. Travis sings the first part of the chorus, offering a drug-induced cry for help, while Don piggybacks off of this. This beat is similar to Had Enough, and compliments Don nicely. Travis can do it all, as he offers a slower paced verse similar to Stop Trying to be God or Skeletons. These two mesh together well with their tones and flows throughout this song in conjunction with the beat. This song much like CAN’T SAY is one people will surely enjoy and come back to.

Gatti (feat. Pop Smoke)

I am a big fan of Pop Smoke at the moment. From his hit Dior to his whole album Meet the Woo, I really like his voice and bars. They are very gritty and gruesome, much like his delivery on his songs. This song features a hard-hitting beat that you typically find Pop Smoke delivering verses over. We then get a Travis verse over this style of beat, and it sounds great. To me this was definitely more of a Pop Smoke song with a Travis feature. I am stoked he is getting some recognition, and surely will gain a couple more fans from this track.





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