Block Brainstorming

You maybe have noticed a recent trend in my ~weekly~ writings. Most probably have not, as I doubt people are really chomping at the bit for some weekly words of wisdom from this guy. But I’ve been slacking. Kind of. I have recently had a handful of weekends where I either am doing so much and forget to carve out a piece or just lazy and uninspired for some writing. This is one of those weeks. As I don’t really see it as a chink in the armor, I do like to keep it consistent just for myself and also that it keeps the droughts from writing minimal.

I usually have ideas, but sometimes just don’t feel like setting aside the time to put the pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to the keyboard. But I think I may have found something that can help me with this dilemma. The theme for these two post are purchase I’ve made in October (my birthday month, so I had to splurge a little). The post above this one will be about my recent acquisition of the iPhone 11, making me able to take photos again. It will be somewhat introspective, as I will not be bragging about the 2 cameras or sick purple color mine came in. This second purchase is a little thing I saw in a GQ 10 essentials with Adam Devine. Don’t get me wrong, I love workaholics, but I wouldn’t say the actors hold too much influence over me.

He explained the item and I just knew I had to have it. Watch the clip HERE and see if you can guess it.


There she is, in all her glory. Writers block worst enemy, The Writers Block. While it isn’t the same as the one in the video, it serves the same purpose. This trusty little brick of pages is going to hopefully get the gears turning over the weekend and even get me writing some stuff that might not get posted. There isn’t much to it, so rather than elaborately explain it more or go over it’s high-tech features, I figured I’d crack it open to a random page and let it rip. It will be slightly abbreviated, but just enough to get the point across. I also am actually going to pick whatever page it opens to. No re-dos. Here we go (check my Instagram  for the proof):

Roger: Hey, so I never use this dating app, but I just happen to open it up to an absolute DIME and had to swipe right. I hope she swipes right back.

Stephanie: Hahah very funny! Nice to meet you too.

Roger: Still no response :/. Might have to delete the app.

Stephanie: Not yet! How about you delete it after our first date.

Roger: Oh yeah? Where is the date going down?

Stephanie: My house 😉

Roger: I see you are a straight shooter.

Stephanie: It’s the name of the restaurant! But I see someone’s head is in the gutter.

Roger: Hahaah I am aware. So seven o’clock this Thursday?

Stephanie: Sounds good to me! Margaritas?

Roger: Keeeeeeeeeeeen.

So that was that. I didn’t feel like writing a long drawn out conversation, as I feel this got the point across. I also feel like a dating app was the best way to convey the ideas of the page from the writers block. So that is that. Whenever I have no inspo or am just groggy, I can sharpen the pencil with this nifty little book. It’s on!

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