New phone, old me

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 6.32.49 PM.png

This is not my hand ^ but is what my phone looks like.

So I got a new phone. It is super shiny. It is actually a light purple rather than my usual black accessory. While it does have a ton of pretty neat features and I could probably write a whole passage purely about its glimmer, this one is going a different way. You see, there was nothing wrong with my old phone as far as function. It could make calls, send texts, and connect to the internet. However, there was one feature that was absolutely blown: the camera. Everyone knows the iPhones boast huge claims about camera quality, and it’s true. Having an iPhone in your pocket is just a step down from a full blown camera. Everyone is now a pocket photographer.

I was getting by either by flipping my phone around and taking pictures/video with the selfie camera (which sucked and has way worse quality) or I just ditched documenting it all together. I kind of only used the selfie camera to capture if it was something I don’t see as often, like a concert or something that is only going to be there for a moment’s time. Otherwise I would write it off. Funnily enough, I would often see certain things and think to myself, “Damn, I wish I could send that to X Y Z” or something along the lines of that. I would write it off and just go on with my day.

Fast forward to my shiny new phone with two cameras. I have a beautiful way to capture things that pass by, but I am also still stuck in the mindset of my camera being broken. I have even thought that I should snap this or that to someone, and still write it off since I was sans camera. A moment later I would remember I could actually take a crispy photo and share it with whomever. But do I need to?

Occasionally, I would backtrack and document the insta story, snapchat, or text photo because I found it appropriate. However, I definitely have held back many times just because why. Why do I need to share this with someone? If it was not enough to make me take it with the selfie cam, I believed I could pass on it. It is an interesting dilemma, do I jump back into over documentation like a millennial or keep my retracted documentation and keep it more low key. I hope to land somewhere in the middle. It was kind of cool going under the radar, but that just means I was spamming cam rewinds.

It is crazy to think we have these high-powered devices in our pockets, and they can be used for such good reasons and also for such shit reasons. Sending a photo to a friend to stoke them out or remind them that you are thinking of them is awesome. Posting something or sending a snap roasting someone, however, is lame. But we are all guilty of it, no one is completely pure of the posting plague. Let’s use our phones for good. Let’s take some great photos and post things to bring people up rather take them down. Quality over quantity.

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