The Writer’s Block Part 2

If I am struggling on the inspiration side, I invested in a nifty little “book” titled The Writer’s Block. I don’t particularly like leaning on this for a post, but it does offer a new challenge and spices up form my usually writing. So I opened the square up and landed here, and ended up writing the little passage below:


I WISH EVERYTHING WOULD GO BACK TO NORMAL. I miss meeting new people and changing things up.

I WISH I WOULDN’T GET HUNGOVER. After not drinking much at all during quarantine and finding a night or two to hang with friends, I quickly was reminded of the wrath of hangovers. 

I WISH I COULD TOSS FULL ROTATION AIRS. They say you never get what you really want. I think airs are the coolest shit ever but I am stuck going straight. 

I WISH TATTOOS WERE FREE.They aren’t. They are actually quite expensive. 

I WISH PROBLEMS WOULDN’T EXIST. I am one of the least confrontational people out there. And I think a lot of people should follow suit. 

I WISH I COULD SEE FRIENDS AND FAMILY FROM HOME MORE. New Jersey is just too far and the flight is too expensive. 

I WISH SOME OF MY FRIENDS LIVED CLOSER. I have a lot of close friends in California that live more than an hour away. That kinda sucks. 

I WISH WRITING WAS ALWAYS EASY. Today and recently it just hasn’t been there. I guess that is what gives the satisfaction after writing something good though.

I WISH READING WAS JUST A TINY BIT MORE EXCITING. Some books are far more entertaining than others. But overall, it is just quiet and monotonous. 

I WISH I COULD CATCH A FISH EVERY TIME I WENT FISHING. Lately I’ve been on a streak of not even getting a bite. I guess it’s not called catching for a reason. 


Beating (The) Writers Block

It’s the Monday after a long weekend and I am definitely tired. It was a fun weekend, capped off with surf in good conditions and some delicious Indian food before I laid my mind to slumber at 10 o’clock. I would have a rude awakening to my 6:20AM alarm, and continued to snooze it to 6:40AM. Not a big deal, but I do like when I get up at 6:20AM and am alert and ready. Today at 6:40AM I was neither alert nor ready for the impending Monday. I robotically walked to the kettle, put on the hot water, went to the bathroom, and began to make breakfast. Literally every morning I walk to the electronic kettle and turn it on before anything, ensuring the coffee will be ready in a timely fashion.

By the time I was out of the house, I was awake. I never try to surf before work on Mondays, as I know how tired I tend to be and like to start the week off with energy. Unless the waves are pumping, I sleep in. Good morning surfs will energize me more than any amount of sleep or coffee. Fast forward to the end of the day and I am staring at my computer trying to muster up an idea to write about. I have all the ingredients: newfound energy in the form of a late afternoon coffee, good music in the background, and the time on my hands to carve out a nice little piece of work. I just can’t find anything good to write about. I have a couple ideas, but this is the not the week they would fit into. I quickly would dawn on the easy solution: The Writers Block. I pop it open randomly 3 times, hate all 3 prompts, and then scour the pages for the one I would want to write about.


Indulgence. Something that usually goes down on the weekends when minimal responsibility is present. When you think about it, is it a positive or negative word? Do you immediately go to good or bad indulgences? For me, indulgence often has a negative connotation. For some reason, I always think of vices involved with “indulging” in something. One can indulge in many things in many ways, which makes an already gray term even grayer. One way to indulge in something could be doing it daily. Pretty much in the form of a habit, but doing it every day without skipping a beat. Another way one can indulge in something is for maybe only one day but for multiple hours of the day. Again, we don’t know if indulgence is positive, negative or neutral. It definitely depends on what the indulgence is, but it ultimately comes back to everything needing moderation for a healthy and happy life.

Indulgence can be binge-watching TV for 6 hours. Indulgence can be having a couple beers every night of the week. Indulgence can be drinking one night a week but balls to the walls. Indulgence can be indulging in legal or illegal substances. Cookies or crack. Indulgence, in my eyes, is necessary. If you don’t indulge in anything, what are you going to enjoy in life? You must indulge. Hopefully you pick positive indulges. I indulge in surfing and working out and eating delicious foods. I sometimes indulge in things that may cause a negative reaction. But always in moderation. If it were not for indulgence, we would all be a lot less happy. Good indulgences can turn bad, and bad indulgences can turn good. You just never know. Only one way to really find out.

Block Brainstorming

You maybe have noticed a recent trend in my ~weekly~ writings. Most probably have not, as I doubt people are really chomping at the bit for some weekly words of wisdom from this guy. But I’ve been slacking. Kind of. I have recently had a handful of weekends where I either am doing so much and forget to carve out a piece or just lazy and uninspired for some writing. This is one of those weeks. As I don’t really see it as a chink in the armor, I do like to keep it consistent just for myself and also that it keeps the droughts from writing minimal.

I usually have ideas, but sometimes just don’t feel like setting aside the time to put the pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to the keyboard. But I think I may have found something that can help me with this dilemma. The theme for these two post are purchase I’ve made in October (my birthday month, so I had to splurge a little). The post above this one will be about my recent acquisition of the iPhone 11, making me able to take photos again. It will be somewhat introspective, as I will not be bragging about the 2 cameras or sick purple color mine came in. This second purchase is a little thing I saw in a GQ 10 essentials with Adam Devine. Don’t get me wrong, I love workaholics, but I wouldn’t say the actors hold too much influence over me.

He explained the item and I just knew I had to have it. Watch the clip HERE and see if you can guess it.


There she is, in all her glory. Writers block worst enemy, The Writers Block. While it isn’t the same as the one in the video, it serves the same purpose. This trusty little brick of pages is going to hopefully get the gears turning over the weekend and even get me writing some stuff that might not get posted. There isn’t much to it, so rather than elaborately explain it more or go over it’s high-tech features, I figured I’d crack it open to a random page and let it rip. It will be slightly abbreviated, but just enough to get the point across. I also am actually going to pick whatever page it opens to. No re-dos. Here we go (check my Instagram  for the proof):

Roger: Hey, so I never use this dating app, but I just happen to open it up to an absolute DIME and had to swipe right. I hope she swipes right back.

Stephanie: Hahah very funny! Nice to meet you too.

Roger: Still no response :/. Might have to delete the app.

Stephanie: Not yet! How about you delete it after our first date.

Roger: Oh yeah? Where is the date going down?

Stephanie: My house 😉

Roger: I see you are a straight shooter.

Stephanie: It’s the name of the restaurant! But I see someone’s head is in the gutter.

Roger: Hahaah I am aware. So seven o’clock this Thursday?

Stephanie: Sounds good to me! Margaritas?

Roger: Keeeeeeeeeeeen.

So that was that. I didn’t feel like writing a long drawn out conversation, as I feel this got the point across. I also feel like a dating app was the best way to convey the ideas of the page from the writers block. So that is that. Whenever I have no inspo or am just groggy, I can sharpen the pencil with this nifty little book. It’s on!