Recently Released Roundup

Here is what has been jamming in the headphones at work and slapping on the speakers in the CRV:

Upon finishing this, I noticed I didn’t mention The Plugs I met, by Benny the Butcher. So instead heres a video so you can learn more (it might be my most played of them all).

Revenge of the Dreamers 3 – Dreamville

With a star studded roster of both rappers and rhythm-ers, this album was bound to be good from the get go. Although I kind of wanted to dislike it to due to a pal of mine being one of Dreamvilles biggest fans. Nonetheless, this tape was jammed packed with heat from the first track. A hard-hitting beat + a feature from Dababy = happiness. Along with having multiple heater tracks that just slap (especially in the car) there are songs for just about any mood. As far as groups, this tape is up there for a cohesive, pleasing to the ear project. It also might have 2 of the better interludes I’ve heard in a while (Wells Fargo + 1993).

FAVS: The 1st 3 (Under the Sun, Down Bad, Lambotruck), Sleep deprived


BANDANA – Freddie Gibbs + Madlib

Freddie Gibbs absolutely bars out on this thing. I mean, at this point it is pretty expected you are just going to hear bone-crunching bars and gritty beats. Madlib teamed up with Gangsta Gibbs for the second rendition of a joint project, and the two again show their chemistry is unmatched. Last summer when Gibbs and Currrensy teamed up on Fetti, I was surprised at how well the two matched. It kind of just shows Gibbs can flex no matter whom he is paired up with. With a great string of lyrical features and a catchy Paak. Chorus, this thing is in constant rotation.

FAVS: Palmolive, Crime Pays, Cataracts


ERYS – Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith has always been an artist that has a couple songs that I really can jam to. Both this new album and SYRE have some awesome songs, and overall when you listen to them front to back put you in a musical scenery. ERYS was more of a chopped up and raw version, with gritty beats (one using the sound of him shaving his dreads) and wavy vocals. While I tend to cherry pick this project, the two ASAP featured songs and the Kid Cudi feature have been on constant repeat. I think I need to immerse myself in the album as a whole, but overall ERYS and SYRE both are a good listen.

FAVS: Chateau, On My Own, Ghost Remix, Summertime In Paris


Let’s Rock- The Black Keys

I am going to steal this from the pitchfork, but I believe it sums it up: the album title is called let’s rock, and that exactly what we are going to do. With just a classic black keys sound, this album has been a go to for the speaker on the beach. With enough melody coupled with hard guitar riffs, it makes for an enjoyable listen. Much like the Dreamville Tape, there is a varying amount of songs to compliment different moods and occasions, from mellowing out to amping up.

FAVS: Under The Gun, Shine A Little Light


OASIS – Bad Bunny + J Balvin

While I can’t entirely understand what is being said, this joint kind of just screams a summer vibe. From more poppy songs to deep trap hits, Bunny and Balvin cover all the bases on this dual project. This thing has to have Central and South America jumping, since they are the two biggest Latin stars at the moment.



Perfect 10 – Mustard

Mustard has a pretty firm grasp on recruiting some of the hottest rappers to join his projects when they come around. I got to salute him always putting on the CA rappers to help blow up his fellow statesmen. This tape has a lot of different sounds and the beats are A1 as usual. Mustard pretty much does it all on his own, and just cherry picks the features as the icing on the cake. While I don’t love every song, some have been in heavy rotation. The album couldn’t end better than with the track Perfect Ten.

FAVS: On God, Baguettes in the Face, Ballin, Perfect Ten


Late Night Feelings – Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson enlists an all female crew for a slew of songs that can kick in the club or on the beach. While this is not my main genre of listen, I always tend to lean more towards female vocals on Edm type joints, so this is more up my alley in comparison to other albums in the genre. I don’t have as much to say on this one, since I don’t bump it nearly as much as the others. However, I threw it on shuffle for a beach day and the sounds complemented the sunshine perfectly.

FAVS: Find U Again, Truth, 2 AM


Bonus: Acid Rap – Chance The Rapper

Enough has already been said about this piece of work. As my favorite Chance project, this thing hits home with the nostalgia and also the fact I don’t have to switch to my apple music library just to play cocoa butter kisses.

FAVS: Cocoa Butter Kisses, NaNa, Favorite song

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