East Meets West: Pizza

After living bicoastal for an extended period of time, I think it’s a good idea to let the people back east know some things about the west and vice versa. It’s funny, because when I am on the east coast, I gas up the west coast. When I’m on the west coast, I gas up the east coast. I grew up back east and wouldn’t trade that, but there is a reason I moved out west. It’s just more my speed. Anyhow, I figured I could do an article like for a lot of things I indulge in on both coasts. So here it is, welcome to East meets West.


This one is brought up a lot, and is increasingly more relevant as the Barstool pizza reviews gain more and more of a following (if that is possible). Ask me which coast has better pizza, and you won’t be able to blink before I say the east coast. BUT, I do like to preface the statement with a little bit more detail.

A Classic Slice: East

I’m talking just cheese, a 1-bite-everyone-knows-the-rules slice. As far as keeping it OG, the east coast has the basic cheese slice on lock, and the west coast has no clue where the key is. This is a large reason as to why I will say the east has better pizza, as this plain of a slice makes it easy to tell who gets it and who doesn’t. Also in this category is a Sicilian style slice, one of my all time favorites and is pretty hard to come by out west. And it’s not just plain slices. Pretty much any “regular” pizza I’ve had from back home is superior to the similar pizza out west.

Designer Pizza: West

While home has my pizza pick and nothing is better than a peppers and onion pizza from the local joint in Lavallette, the west coast does do the instagram pizza well. The type of pie (as slices are hard to come by out here) that when posted has people DMing you either asking if its good, where you got it, or calling you a psycho for such a wild pie. Never would I have thought about eating a blue cheese honey pizza, until I would go to 2145 in Costa Mesa. Boyyyyy is that thing tastey. Those are hard to come by back home, unless you are in the city.

And that’s how the tale of two coasts ends in regards to the zah. Check back for more East Meets West posts.

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