Another reincarnation of an older series I wrote a couple of posts for: A Great Way to Spend a Saturday. Typically, these posts outlined the joys of having the day off and planning something extravagant, or just enjoying time outside of the house. If you are tied down with work during the week, the weekend is when you can move around and do whatever.

This time it’s the antithesis: a (not so) great way to spend a saturday. 

So this is how not to spend a Saturday. As a man approaching his quarter life crisis, I have had many Saturdays in which I would have loved to spend them a different way. DMV days, long rides in the car, consequences from the night before, or just other random happenings that can throw a wrench in your Saturday are what we are going to chop it up about. Here’s just one.

Being hungover can be very painful, or also could be not so bad. The mellow ones are not the problem. These ones are cured by coffee and a simple surf. I swear I’ve said that exact phrase in so many pieces. As a resilient young man, I should be able to shake these off quite easily. As I am growing older, it is starting to take a little more. When I was younger, the majority of my experiences with hangover were limited. Yes, I got them, but they didn’t stop me from doing much. These aren’t terrible, as they go away by noon (or they used to). Eat something good and you feel alive again (one breakfast burrito, please). And potentially be inspired to run it back the next night (now a days this is a herculean effort). 

The type of hangover I am talking about is the one that throws off your whole day. You sleep in, crawl out of bed, and do little in the first part of your day. These can turn even the most morning-centric person out there shudder at the fact of doing things (and by things, I mean even the simplest tasks). With these, it is best to try to do something. I always believed the less you did when you are experiencing a severe hangover, the longer it lingers and clouds your mind. These are the hangovers coffee and surfing do not fix. But we can always try these methods to make them slightly more minute for the time being. The quick fix. There is nothing worse than having an obligation that you have to attend with one of these hangovers. For some time it would be class on certain days in college days, but thankfully this has been limited to purely weekend days of recent. Going to class was never that hard because mine were always later so I could surf beforehand, or in some cases have ample time to shake off the night before. 

As I grow older, they only get worse. I sound like a broken record, but shudder at the memories of going out so much at school. Nights in which I wouldn’t even flinch the next morning have become a little more groggy in the AM, and the times I anticipate a hangover the next day it is twice as bad as I would have imagined. It’s like every time I need to ingest a greasy meal to feel 100% again. It’s a rough life getting closer to 25 (I am exaggerating a little). And I can imagine it’s only going to get worse. So that is one way not to spend a Saturday. I’d have to assume 95% of the eyeballs skimming through this post have been in this position.

Spending a Saturday hungover is a spend. But it depends how you look at it. If the night before was worth it, you might bask in the hangover and relive the debauchery with your friends. Plenty of times the amount of fun had justified the punishment. On the occasion it maybe didn’t live up to your expectations, I feel like this just amplifies the hangover. But it’s Saturday, and you can turn a shitty morning around if you try hard enough. Either way you splice it, we most likely get more done and have more productive Saturdays when we are not hungover. 

However, it is the weekend so it does beckon a little freedom to do nothing. And that’s just fine.

This is sometimes the icing on the cake below: thinking you will not be hungover and setting an alarm just to be woken up early and be even more hungover due to an early wakeup. That is an awful sentence.

Sounds in Sequence: Weekend Mix

My weekends have become pretty routine at this point. I am unsure as to whether or not I am happy or sad about this, but it is what it is. Here is the skinny: I can guarantee to wake up one morning hungover. Lately, it’s been both mornings. On Saturdays, I need to rise somewhat early, as I work a shift at the Catch Surf store in Laguna. So if I want to surf or get some sort of exercise before putting in the work, I kind of have to be on it. Fast forward through my shift and I tend to be pretty toasted.

I usually go to catch surf strapped: coffee, kombucha, and a decent packed lunch. This can get me through most of the days, but sometimes I am just smoked. No amount of snacks or coffee can give me the extra edge. Work usually goes by decently quick however, as I am friends with my coworkers and the people that trickle in and out of the store tend to be on the more friendly end of the spectrum. We wrap it up at 7 and typically by 7:15 slapping fives in the lot and peeling away, everyone heading south and me being the lone soldier northbound.

What happens next is a toss up. I’d say my group of friends and I are more on trend of going out Friday rather than Saturday, so if we are limiting it to one night of going out, I can cruise home and play some mellow jams or whatever I am vibing as of late. If it is the other way around and a night on the town is imminent, I usually am thinking if I need to pick up any supplies on the way home as the turnaround time is tight. Even when my morale is the lowest, I know one way to get amping and ease into the mindset of sending rather than sleeping: music.

I had given up using Soundcloud when they started making you listen to not one but TWO ads in between a certain number of plays. While I am a dual citizen of both Spotify and Apple Music (because of Sean Carter), I can’t see myself purchasing Soundcloud Go anytime soon. Not even the commercials about it that bombard me on the rare occasion I open the app can sell me on it. Some time ago, I really enjoyed making playlists for different occasions. Soundcloud has a lot of mixtape songs and unreleased music floating around, so you can find some awesome mixes and even stuff from artists not available on the traditional streaming platforms.

So where is this going? I decided to make a playlists on Soundcloud that mimics one of my Spotify ones. The Spotify playlist is the music I put on at 7:15 on a Saturday night to crank on the drive back home. This Soundcloud playlists would give me the same energy and excitement. So whether you are in my case and are leaving work or somewhere low on energy, or the energy is already flowing and you want to amplify it, hit play and let it run. I even added a cool photo of 1800 tequila as the main image and sequenced the songs in a nice order, so shuffle is not necessary. Press play!

East Meets West: Weekend Breakfast Fixes

I swear I don’t mean to make this topic strictly based around food, but it just seems like there are so many battles between the two coasts on certain food genres or what you’d get in a certain situation. Here’s the scenario: you find yourself both coast in the same month. It’s a Friday night and all cylinders are firing. For the west coast Friday, the Newport peninsula or Wayfarer for 90s night is calling your name. Back east, you might be hitting seaside or heading north. Either way, you time travel through the night and to the next morning. Things are groggy and you find yourself with a headache and a craving for greasy breakfast foods. Here is where the clash comes into play. Granted, I’ve had the east coast special on the west coast and vice versa, these are the two guaranteed hangover cures, both meant to be accompanied by a cup of joe.

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 9.37.58 PM.png

EAST: The BEC, PEC, & SEC Bacon, Pork Roll, or Sausage Egg and Cheese (EC) tends to be the immediate call for a Saturday or Sunday morning hangover when back on the east side. If I have the liberty and it’s a banger of a hangover, I will hop in my car and drive all the way up to Point Pleasant for a BEC from Barons Bagel. The best BEC in my opinion on a super egg everything or oatmeal wheat bagel and if needed I can add a hash brown. They also have delicious coffee, and would typically be my stop after a pre-high school surf to walk into my first class with. If I’m stranded in Lavallette, there are plenty of ideal spots for one. No matter where I get the breakfast sandwich from, the coffee is always from Lava Java.

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 9.36.37 PM.png

WEST: The Breakfast Burrito The breakfast burrito honestly is one of my burritos of choice for any time. Lunch, a late night snack if served all day long, or the morning after a big one, this can really help ease the pain and get your Saturday or Sunday going. While I attended Chapman and found myself in rough shape a lot more often than recently, the Cali Tacos Breakfast B would surely cure my hangover. It would also couch-lock me shortly after and throw me into a food coma, but it was all worth it in the moment. Down in Newport, there are a handful of good spots for a killer BB. I feel like of recent I haven’t eaten one simply because I run around a lot on the weekend and typically eat some yogurt instead. When in need though, there are at least 5 spots I can count on to give me my fix.

Curing a Hangover in Stages

There is certainly an agenda when thinking of how to cure a hangover. First and foremost, you need to do some damage control and assess the situation. Then, you can truly prescribe yourself the “cure” for your morning haze. I am about to give you an inside scoop on the hangover to cure ratio and give you a doctors notes for prescription. You are welcome in advance.

“I’ll just have one beer.”

I swear sometimes even a little bit of alcohol can deal you a hangover the next morning. While equally as shitty as a normal hangover, this one can get served the easiest of cures to be fixed. All it takes is some coffee. Obviously, hydrating the night before can prevent this one overall, so you’d best not get this one often.

Pre-gaming an event.

At any time you are “pregaming” an event, you are just throwing yourself into the ring. A hangover is on the horizon. While sometimes one that feels like the one above, it often is a little worse. Most of the time, a coffee and snack can turn this one upside-down. This is strictly in relation to a “casual” night out, and not to be confused with pre-gaming before a send to the bars (the cringe). This one relates more to events, rather than bars (some events definitely excluded). A good combo to work with the coffee is a surf. And this is where we kind of go on a tangent————-

Surf and coffee has eliminated some of the most lethal of hangovers, and is for sure the go to for me when needing a quick fix. There are some things to make note of, before heading into this sort of ritual post party. First, the actual surf is very important to factor in. While it can’t be too small to where there will be no fun had, if it’s really on the cook a lot of things can go wrong. The sweet spot is probably 2-3 occasionally 4 and occasionally 5. Enough for insiders to be mellow, but also enough size to get a cover up and also do some proper turns. While waves being on the cook can cure a hangover, often the floggings when blowing a wave tend to sting extra (and happen to occur often when hungover). Whether it getting vaporized by a set or just blowing a lot of good waves, know that the pumping surf hangover cure is a toss up. Stay in the “couple fun ones zone” and you’ll be in the clear.

—–This is where I had to retire writing for the day to engage in Cinco de Mayo—–

Ok, I am back. Let’s get back to this diagnosis. (I know I screwed up, this post coming in a day late.)

A Night Out on the Town.

This is when we are all linking up and hitting the bars. Often with some sort of debauchery in mind, this one can for sure get dangerous. If you have gone out on one of these missions the night before and had a coffee and a surf and still feel the haze around your head, the next logical step is to get some food. While lots of options are out there, there is an apex of the food pyramid. This would be the breakfast burrito. With some greasy meat, flour from the tortilla, and gooeyness from the cheese-potato combo, it is almost a foolproof way to fix you. The best part: they typically are cheap, so your wallet will say thanks after opening the bank safe last night at the bar.

Ouch. This isn’t fun.

This is pretty much the final stage of the hangover scale. From here nothing new really comes into the equation, everything just can get amplified. The times when you sleep in later than you wanted, probably didn’t drink any water before bed, and wake up to texts from other people who stayed out longer than you. These might cause a giggle, but you soon remember how hungover you are. This is when you make a break for the holy grail of hangover cures, pedialyte. Slug one of these on top of the coffee surf and breakfast burrito and you are ready to rock and roll. If a hangover still persists after this concoction of medicine, you are just going to have to tough it out. Feel free to bookmark this post and refer back when you wake up and ache a little.