Blame It on Fishing

IMG_2699Hey. It’s been a little while. I’ve missed youuuuuuu. And by you I am speaking to a (very) small, select group of people that might find themselves on this site more than once. How’s it going? OK, so I know the next post was supposed to expand around a project in the works. It is very much still in the works. I have gotten the bare bones of it dialed, but it still needs some work. Well it still needs a lot of work. I want it to be pleasing to the eye and expertly (lol) done, This is just a quick interjection to hold you over. I accomplished my goal of posting once a week and then went cruise control. I knew I’d write again (obviously) but I honestly started a lot of side projects at once. And didn’t know what I wanted to write about. The inspo was waning. 

Blame it on fishing. Obviously I am not going to blame my lack of motivation all on becoming a semi-avid angler, but the problem does reside in this partially. Basically, with quarantine still hanging around and having plenty of time on my hands, I have taken up many new activities and re-kindled old habits during my free time. Don’t worry, the habits are not bad habits. Things like working diligently during my work hours, unwinding with some reading, and making sure to eat good and drink plenty of water (and coffee) are daily activities I’ve been grinding. So already, reading will take about 30mins to an hour out of my day. The waves have been fun, so pre work sessions have been on the menu as well as typically a workout after work. Time is running out.

After I’ve done all these, we get into the “free time” in which I give myself the reins on what I will do. Lately, my roommate and I will go fish for a couple hours. It’s a nice way to unwind and just take in the outdoors. After fishing, dinner gets made and then it’s already nine o clock. We watch a TV show as a house and then it’s 10/10:15, in which I crawl back to bed for the early wakeup to score some waves. If I choose not to fish, I might go for a skate or bike ride. I might make music. There are plenty of options on how to burn an hour or two. And lately writing has been at the bottom of the list. 

But there are things on the horizon. Summer is around the corner, days are getting longer, and the inspiration is slowly getting funneled into my brain for future writings and endeavors. Lots of outside ideas are slowly trickling in, and my mind has constantly been turning. Everything is a hard WIP, but you have to start somewhere. Taking on a lot of things at once can split up the attention and dedication a little bit, but when you start to get closer to the end of all of them at once, you feel an intense shimmer of pride. I want to keep this one short, as there is time needed for a more thoughtful post next week and other things to check off the list.

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