Sensory overload

Last week I compiled 16 sporadic tracks meant to get the creative juices squeezed out of my dormant brain and to try and give something new to the blog. New as in a different piece of writing. As of late, it’s been a lot of lists or reviews or opinions. While I feel as though this sits as some of my strong suits, it doesn’t hurt to go rogue and think outside the box. In a last ditch effort to get it going, I flipped on the playlist and hit play. I tried to sequence the songs a little bit. But I feel as though the first song needed to be there. I don’t want to tell you the song, as it would be cool if you either read the post last week or clicked the link I tagged it in above. Anyway, this song really is wild and thought provoking. It is way out of left field for it’s genre, and also features hard hitting sounds and beat switches that really show true artistry. Lots could try this, and lots would fail to put together 4 minutes and 16 seconds of tolerable music from it. This song and the album it is from are the catalyst for this post, and truly shows how one could go from a masterpiece of classic and regular-ish sound to something so out in left field and still keep it authentic and excellent all with no other works in between. The rest of the playlist features songs and vibes that evoke emotion and thought process outside regular songs. Much like a song with multiple beat switches, this post will jump around and be choppy on purpose. All touching upon things that can evoke emotion and certain feelings.


Smoky aroma fills the air and is the first scent to touch your nostrils. Half-asleep, you start to perk up a little bit. Everyday, this same scent touches your nostrils. But it never gets old. You have it down to a science, the same steps over and over again with very little variation. The end goal is always the same, no matter if you do the steps out of order or substitute certain instruments or ingredients in the middle of it. It is fully freestyle-able, and almost always results in the same product. The product is that first scent that touched your nostrils. If you could snort this stuff, I’m sure some would try. Even for those that dislike the taste, the aroma is ever so delicious. That first sip is always going to make you happy even if it is 3000th morning in a row. Even if it burns your tongue.


This moment in time is unpatrolled to any other moment for most in life. This only pertains to the select percent of the total population, and even a select percent of that percent. A moment so awe filled people give up on relationships, obligations, and even drive themselves crazy in search for it. Countless hours on the road, glued to a computer screen, lots of letdowns, and a lot of almosts. For a moment in time that for most lasts no longer than a handful of seconds. The time and population of people are like a ratio: the longer time spent in this place, the more and more you cut out the amount of people in this group. It is true nirvana. And can’t be replicated by anything else in the world. If you are lucky enough to have one ingrained in your mind, even going back and envision the moment of milliseconds can bring a smile to your face. I spoke of a song in the intro paragraph. Skip to the timestamp of 2:50, and this is what the moment sounds like. In this moment you are high. You can’t lose.


In this moment you are selectively deaf. You can be in so many places that might warrant you to want to hear everything. But in this moment, you hear only one thing. Whether it is for inspiration, concentration, or procrastination, it fits in all these categories and more. With the many different ways to listen, you have chosen the one that limits most distractions. For some reason or another, you want to only be consumed by one thing. Whether it is a medley of different styles or a very specific style, it all is the same in this moment. The only way you can get out of this consumption is if you chose to or someone literally takes you out. In this moment you can get lost for hours. Or hone in on something for hours. Even when you aren’t in this moment, sometimes it still is dancing in your head. Sometimes you can go days without it. Other times you are begging to get back in the zone.


Confidence oozes. You hate having an ego, but sometimes it is evitable. An ego can destroy you, but when used right can chair you up the highest mountain as you sit on the top and stare down to where you were or horizontal to other on the top with you. Feeling good comes at no cost, but sometimes requires a catalyst to start the roller coaster climb. Even something familiar or frequently seen can get you right back up to where it last got you. Sometimes it can be infectious, but it usually belongs to you. When you walk out, there is different swagger to your walk.


The alarm blasts in your ear. Now a days, it seems like everyone sleeps with their phone in their bed, so you are going to take this one point blank. A half-volume phone sounds like a megaphone siren this morning. Snooze. Again it blasts in your ear. Snooze. One last time, and this one hurt the most. Why did I even set this alarm? Even though you slept a decent amount of time, this alarm is a rude awakening. Water is quickly required to wet your whistle. You get up and do your morning routine, but instead of feeling free you feel as though instead of sleeping you sprinted a marathon and cramped on mile 4. Just defeated. Make the coffee quickly and sprint to the ocean or the couch. Or back to bed.

For now, this is all I’ve got. I could probably go on for a couple other instances, but I feel as though then the general (very small, select) audience would not make it to the end. So IF you have made it this far, thank you! This was a fun post.

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