Finding the Juice

Sometimes the juice just ain’t there. No matter how long I look at a blank word doc, the idea of something good to write still tends to elude me. Like I’ve talked about in previous posts, there are certain ways to get around this. One is the writers block, something which I have posted about a couple of times now. Sometimes a large amount of coffee will do it. A lot of times this backfires and I end up cleaning my room or doing another task that isn’t putting fingers to keys. Other times all that is needed is some physical activity to help settle down and get in the right headspace. 

I keep coming back to influence and inspiration a lot these past couple weeks. I don’t believe it is for a lack of, as a ton is going on around me and writing has been getting more and more fun. But like every well, eventually you might run dry. You might have exhausted all your usual creative muses, and need something new and exciting to help you get back into the zone. Looking outside your usual inspiration buckets and drawing from a different genre might get the gears turning. To support this theory, I have compiled this list of experimental songs to help get the good stuff going. Whether it is a crazy song composition or just a beat that puts you in a trance, these tracks are going to be playing when I am tapping my fingers. Enjoy these sounds, and come back Sunday (I swear I’ll post it on time) to see what has come from these beats.

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