Recommended Reads


Summer may be over, but September and October offer some of the best weather both in my hometown of Lavallette and also out here in my new home of Southern California. Affectionately referred to as “indian summer” and “local summer”, these two months deliver beautiful weather with a fraction of the amount of people and clutter that come with it in the summer. Sometimes when the beach is quiet and the waves are flat, nothing is better than burying yourself in a good book. Here are 5 different types of literature perfect for a sunny September day.

Scar Tissue – Anthony Kiedis, Larry Sloman (Buy Here)

Probably one of the best autobiographies I’ve have read front to back, Scar Tissue takes you through the tumultuous life of lead Red Hot Chilli Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis. From the ups and downs, to the uppers and the downers, this book is a very real and raw look into one of the longest and craziest battles of substance abuse all while being on top of the world music wise. It also give insight into meanings of some of your favorite RHCP songs, which reminds you to play them a little more. This book had me reading multiple chapters and not taking more than a day in between reading it. One of the fastest times I’ve finished a book is from this great read.

Lord of the Flies – William Golding (Buy Here)

While this book does not have a spot on my bookshelf, I vividly remember reading it my freshman year of high school and genuinely really liking it. Something that was rare for an assigned reading, I kept coming back to read another chapter. I remember this was a summer reading project, and would come with me to the beach when the waves were absent. An interesting tale with many underlying lessons from an unlikely group of friends, if you have not read this classic, get to it ASAP. To be honest, I think I might need to grab a copy and crack it open just to enjoy it all over again.

Stoned Beyond Belief / F*ck, That’s Delicious – Action Bronson (Buy Here)

These two books come from one of my favorite and most imaginative rappers, Young Prosciutto AKA Bambambaklava AKA Bronsolino AKA Action Bronson. As whacky as his rhymes, these two books explore Bronson’s two loves in this world: cooking and kush. While the F*ck That’s Delicious to my understanding is more purely recipes, the Stoned Beyond Belief book delivers funny stories and meals made up around Action smoking like a chimney. It is a nicely made book with fine imagery and on top of all this mine is signed on the inside. Talk

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World (Buy Here)

I just picked this one up based off a recommendation from someone on some podcast (super vague, but I remember the person talking about it and more of Cal’s work and I was enticed enough to investigate). While only a few chapters in, this subject matter definitely hits home for me and I would bet most of you, as it seems as though screen time is only on the rise and walking away seems almost impossible. Cal breaks down and elaborates on how to declutter your digital life, and also pulls real life examples from people who have used his technique and learnings from the book to stray away from the screen. While I don’t know if I will be enacting his practices anytime soon or taking a social media break, it will be cool to look back on if I ever plan to.

A Good Magazine (Buy Here)

Every time I find myself in an airport, I will buy a magazine. Even if I have a new book or a magazine from the departing from CA flight, I use the extra time between boarding as an excuse to justify the 7-10 dollar purchase. I find I really like magazines purely for the fact of what you can do with one. You can skim it for the pictures, cherry-pick your articles, or just read it front to back. You also can immerse yourself in one of your passions by picking the right magazine. My go-to magazines are any of the few surf related publications left, GQ, Mens Health, and wildcards like Maxim, Forbes, or Wired.

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