Airport Analysis (Brief)

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Airports are a funny place. It almost like most common sense just gets lost at the baggage check, and everyone is like headless chickens running around and getting egg over the littlest things. I am not saying this out of spite or bitterness, as many a times I was the very confused or aggravated person (more so the confused one). While I am no where near as well traveled as other people, the commute between east and west coasts has made me privy to the horrors of travel. It is honestly pretty funny how different the two airports I go in and out of are from each other. Both have caused some travel hiccups, but one way more than the other.

On one hand we have Newark liberty international airport, an airport in which most see a bad reputation tagged on it. It is definitely nothing short of a shit show, and on this particular occasion I am posted up here on a Monday. Lots of foreign faces and business casual wear lines the halls and security check. The most annoying aspect of this airport is the first 15-30 minutes in which you enter though the automatic sliding doors. The baggage check and security lines are next level crowded, and there often are people in such a rush since it has probably been backed up all morning. Once you get past the initial gauntlet, its otherwise smooth sailing. One thing Newark has is a lot of food and snack options. My friend swears by the dumpling den, but I can’t get myself to try it.

On the other hand, we have a very sleepy and easy airport in John Wayne Airport, located just a mere 10-15 minutes away from my house in California. This airport is a breeze, and I think if you blindfolded me I still could probably get to my gate quicker than I would in Newark with a head start. Usually super cruisey and way less congested, this airport is a cakewalk. In the opposite fashion of Newark, there are very limited food and drink options. However, I can show up way later, opening up options of bringing snacks or eating beforehand.

Most of the time, the factors that can make or break your airport experience are very out of your control. Both in California, New Jersey, and even abroad in Panama, something will happen when you just have to suck it up and keep going. Whether its walking what feels like a mile to get in a security line, just to walk back to where you came from, or buying waters in the airport just to have to pour them out with no warning (this requires more backstory, and happened outside the country). Delays, baggage trouble, and even just shitty people. Not much you really can influence or change on this one, so it’s best to just laugh it off.

Airports have only been getting better and better for every flight I take. I currently am anchored in Terminal C at Newark, and am reaping the benefits of free WiFi while I anxiously wait to board my flight. I am thinking about coffee number two, but think I should hold back so I don’t tweak out before even getting on the plane. I also have ample reading material for the flight, and will wait to crack into that until we are in the clouds. For now, I think I’ll tinker around on my laptop for the next hour. And post this!

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