If you haven’t caught onto it yet, my favorite genre of music currently is rap. While I tend to believe I have a pretty diverse interests in music, if you walk into my room or my car rap is playing. It is currently my playlist for just life. Depending on my mood, I could jump to reggae or a softer rock or even some electric music. But so far, the playlist for daily activities is rap heavy. One of my favorite classifications of a rap song is a posse cut.

A posse cut by Wikipedia definition is a popular form of song in hip-hop music that involves successive verses by four or more rappers. This usually consists of each rapper essentially going blow for blow on each other, not so much in a roast manner but more of wanting to be the guy with the best verse. You don’t want to be the guy that signals for the skip of the song. Posse cuts have long been around; it was hip-hop groups of earlier times that popularized him.

Not to discredit these, but I really like the posse cuts that are between different crews and people. Sometimes posse cuts can get redundant if you are used to hearing the same rappers spit flows together. It is when we get a bunch of different cats spitting on the cypher that we get the energy that is infectious and gets us to sing along like we are on the mic. This isn’t to be confused with a label spitting together. I also really enjoy when the beat goes on and on, not just 4 people spitting on the beat. This thing better be over 4 minutes and filled with heat. Here are 5 posse cuts to help you get through a dull duration of your day.


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