On Playlists: Different ways to carve out a sound.

A playlist is a special thing. It is a type of thing that can change your mood. Something that when paired with the right setting just feels too right. Crafting a good playlist is like striking gold. The less skips you have while a playlist flows speaks to how good of a medley of songs it is.

On Genres.

One way to categorize the sound you are trying to capture is by genre. For a lot (including myself), a certain type of music can set you in trance depending on the situation. A relaxed reggae or rock playlist helps ease into mornings and nights when needed. Guaranteed my Hip-hop and EDM playlists gets the amp up. Playlist that live in genres can sometimes get stale, when you are looking for a certain mindset across multiple genres.

On Locations/Feelings.

In a similar sense to above, for example would be songs to get you excited, across all genres. Some R&B songs can give you the same sense of a classic rock song. There are all different ways to pair genres and artists, like fine wine and cheese. This playlist in contrast to the genre playlist requires more curating. If you have filer based on loosely the vibe of the playlist or just add too much of some artists, it too can start sounding like a broken record.

On Driving.

Some songs just sound different in the whip. Whether you got some knocking speakers or just having windows down blasting with the sun roof ajar, it’s just a whole different intake. This playlist typically needs to be a medley of genres, also with a good ratio of bangers and cruisers. This paragraph is super bro-ey, but for kind of for a reason. There’s really nothing more obnoxious than playing music really loud, but sometimes it is necessary.

On Concerts.

A playlist consisting of concerts upcoming and already over can really bring back the classic sounds of live music. Even when not literally the live rendition, hearing those songs after a festival or concert can jog the memory bank to replay in your head, but the live version. If prior to the concert, it just makes you imagine how songs will sounds live, either to be blown or away or disappointed. Some people say you should listen to these playlists the days of concerts. That’s a hot take.

On Memories.

One of the coolest things about being a Spotify user is your year in songs: the top 100 songs of your year. There’s a good chance the songs you played the most will reenact certain memories, since you always had those tracks banging. Almost promised to have zero skips, this is an incredibly consist playlist to put you in a good mood while reliving the old memories and creating new ones.

On Artists.

Everyone has that one artist that makes the hair on his or her skin stick up. The one who can’t put out any bad music, and is played daily. This playlist is the one that doesn’t get old, and really makes a statement about the music you love. Play it on repeat and enjoy the sounds.

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