4 New Year’s Resolutions to improve your 2019

Every New Year, millions of Americans and people all over the earth pledge allegiance to a set of goals or standards for the New Year. While people shouldn’t wait for the calendar to change to adopt better lifestyle choices, I too am found guilty of every new year setting up some aspirations and ways to switch up or spice up the regularity of routine living. Here are 4 things everyone should do this new year to throw a curve ball in your usual daily tasks.

Read more books

Every day we find ourselves more and more enthralled in the immense amount of technology and digital distractions in front of us. From content on YouTube and Instagram to online articles and everything in between, it seems as though ¾ of the day I am tuned into to either my phone or laptop. The holding of a physical book seems dated, but feels great when actually done and also provides a good way to slow down your brain before bedtime rather than watching something. One of the few ways to improve your IQ is an hour of reading a day. With the amount of books out there in the world, there is a piece of literature for virtually anyone. Step away from the screen and turn some pages in 2019.


My current but hopefully expanding selection of literature.

Move at least once a day

Getting the body in motion and being able to get a mind body connection at least once a day is a great way to spice up your daily routine. Just adding something in between that is unlike everything else being done in the day because you are moving makes the mind feel rejuvenated. As an avid surfer and just as avid gym goer, this is essential to every day of my life. I find just as much joy in both and sometimes do both in one day. While everyone doesn’t have time in their day for an hour gym session or 2-hour surf, everyone can carve out at least 30 minutes in the day to get up and shake those limbs. Walking, going on a bike ride, and just about any other outdoor activity will make you feel refreshed and also lets you take in your surroundings distraction free.

Pick up a new hobby

Most people have at least one or two things they are passionate about. It could be a sport, an instrument, a TV series, writing, drawing, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes we find ourselves so stuck to the normal and forget to broaden our interests with things that can take you out of your comfort zone. Switch it up. Become a novice at something this year and become more and more accustomed to it as the year goes on, gaining skill as well. You will most likely meet more people with the same interests that you can bond over, and also can give you a moment of clarity and a fun learning curve.


Hobbies queued up for 2019.

Expand your music taste

The soundtrack of my 2018 was definitely hip-hop. With the large amounts of music released every Friday, it definitely consumed my playlists and listening time. In 2019, I aim to switch it up and dive into some different genres. I’ve curated some playlists for reggae, slow/alt rock, and music that brings me back to my younger years. If you don’t listen to music as often, start 2019 listening to critically acclaimed albums of 2018 and try and add music to activities where it can be applied. With festival season approaching and the Coachella lineup released, it is a good time to get familiar with artists you might not have ever listened to.


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